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Erel was first practice  started when she was 9 years old, a group of people that came back to the village she was born at after many years in India.

her professional life began as a lead surf instructor, then served in the Israeli Defense Forces as a fitness trainer for soldiers in an elite unit.

She received a certificate of excellence from the unit commander for her work there.

Over 10+ years of experience as a professional traditional Yoga and meditation teacher.

Nutritional medicine consultant & therapist based on the hebrew tradition.

Founded her personal business in 2017 with a goal to expand the human consciousness through tools of Yoga, Meditation and nutrition, through in-person private and weekly group classes, personal consultation, and both short-term & long- term programs.


Erel have completed 750 hours of Yoga and Meditation teacher training.

Completed a 500 hours of Yoga and meditation group leader, how to educate people in a way that will make a proper and valuable impact.

The teacher that she takes the most of the inspiration for her work are Octavio Salvado the leader of “the Practice-Bali” and Ph.D. Tigunait, Pandit Rajmani the head of the “Himalayan Institute”.

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